Ninja Warrior Program

Our classes are one hour in length and involve hands-on instruction on how to perform the obstacles correctly and safely.

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Each week will focus on select obstacles to break down and teach students how to engage each element to enable maximum proficiency. You will learn how to conquer some of the most recognized obstacles!

The Obstacles

Never get bored transitioning between many of the famous obstacles such as Quad Steps, Swinging Monkey Bars, Static Peg Board, Floating Peg Board, Grip Climb, Revolver, Salmon Ladder, Rope & Net Climb, Lache Bars, Warped Wall, Rolling Logs, Monkey Canes, Grip Holds and a variety of balance challenges.

The Technique

Our trainers have the experience to teach you how to play safely and correctly. Survival Fitness Ninja classes combine the basics of gymnastics, martial arts and obstacle course navigation with fun and agility. We teach modifications to all class exercises, so all skill/fitness levels are welcome and encouraged to come to play in a comforting and low-stress environment.

Certified Ninja Coach

Eric Sheppard UNAA Certified Ninja Coach and safety coordinator, USA climbing coach, Physical therapy assistant, and US Army combat Veteran. UNAA and NNL worlds finalist last 5 years and AWG runner up. ANW city finalist 2018. Outdoorsman and nature enthusiast.

Team Building

Teambuilding activities enhance individual and team growth, Improve stronger connections within the team, Strengthen your team's bond, trust, and communication. Being active promotes laughter and fun. Laughing which is present in all kinds of playful activities releases endorphins. The act of simply laughing with others will also foster a sense of camaraderie and strengthen your team relationships.

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