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“In the middle of the night on September 27, 2013, I had a major stroke at the age of 43. There was no history of stroke in my family. It was an ischemic stroke brought on by six pulmonary embolisms starting with a blood clot in my leg. One embolism went to my brain and the rest lodged in my arteries leading to my lungs. I was in the hospital for seven weeks. Approximately one year before my stroke, I joined Survival Fitness after my husband had achieved good results over the previous months. Neither of us are fitness people but Josh and Diana kept us motivated. I can say with overstatement that Survival Fitness was a huge factor in my recovery and especially in the hours immediately after my stroke. The embolisms created such a blockage that my heart had to pump as if I was running in a 24-hour marathon. I was not expected to pull through. The Survival Fitness HIIT (thanks Diana!) and my faith were my lifelines. I’ve now been working at my recovery for over a year and Survival Fitness helps me in this phase of my life too. I can now walk without a cane and have much better range of motion in my arm. Thank you so much Josh and Diana!”

Pam’s story

“I have been a member of survival fitness for many years which should speak for itself. Whether you prefer strength, HIIT, Recess or Tabata there is a workout for everyone regardless of age. If you are new to the gym do not feel intimidated as many of the survival ‘vets’ can tell you, we all started at day 1. You can workout at your own pace and push as hard as you desire. Improvement comes in time. Thanks to Josh, Frank, Kerry, Jeremy, John B., for the great workouts and workout variety. Truly my survival family…”

Brian’s story

“I can’t say enough of Survival Fitness, it’s only a few days since I started with them but I feel like it’s my second home. My instructor Josh is amazing, very friendly and always with a smiley face. Survival fitness has no comparison. Within 2 days my body feels totally different and at least you can feel healthy. Survival fatness is the best and I can recommend it to everyone who wants great change in her/his body.”

mikey’s story

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