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Strength Training

Strength Training is essential for developing a strong foundation for the body no matter what goals you might have. At Survival Fitness we make sure to address all muscle groups to avoid imbalances and possible injuries that occur when training incorrectly. Remember that muscle helps speed your metabolism when your body is at rest, helping to shed fat. Survival Strength is a more intense approach to lifting vs. our Survival HIIT class; Focusing more on power and strength and less on cardiovascular training. This class uses training disciplines from several different types of training, ensuring the best resistance against plateauing. Our group setting further provides extra motivation, while a Certified Personal Trainer is always in charge of our strength training.



This high intensity class is a blend of resistance training, heart pounding cardio, and plyometric training. This workout has you drenching with sweat as you shed fat from your body, while sculpting lean chiseled muscles. A combination of circuit, traditional and nontraditional cardiovascular and light free weight strength training. Every workout is different, provoking muscle confusion and challenging all skill levels. If you love a challenge and are eager to get quick results… this is your class!


Ultimate Recess

Ultimate Recess combines the principles of strength, endurance and cardio to give you a full-body workout while feeling like a kid at recess. This indoor/outdoor (weather permitting) class is designed for all experience levels and every workout has modifications that will fit your fitness level. No matter where you start in your fitness journey, the goal of this class is to have fun, work as a team and improve your skills with all of the equipment in the gym. If you want to have fun while getting in a great workout, this is the class for you!



Get a full body workout with short bouts of high intensity work followed by short rest periods. We offer traditional cardio Tabata classes as well as strength Tabata classes.


Ninja Warrior Training Kids 10+

Ninja fit/fitness/class/training is a class designed to give participants the knowledge and training to conquer obstacles. Designed for people who are looking to be competitive in a growing sport of Ninja and OCR or for those looking to challenge themselves physically and mentally while having fun on their fitness journey.
Expect to learn skill level progressive training in a group setting with hands on instruction from one of the top pro Ninja athletes in the sport.


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