ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Medical Exercise Specialist

Owner of Survival Fitness. He uses his expertise during class to motivate, correct form, and push clients to their next level. He keeps pushing to make each client realize their full potential.

Josh has focused on development of exercise programs to target both strength and fat loss with his unique bootcamp-like style and muscle confusion training methods. These have proven extremely effective with adults, teenagers, and sports teams for their conditioning.

Josh also continued his studies to help a large segment of the population with chronic health conditions and people who are considered high risk for training.  In 2014 Josh became a Medical Exercise Specialist certified through the American Council of Exercise.  Josh helps people recovering from Heart conditions, Strokes, and post othopedic surgeries live a better and more active lifestyle!

Josh is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, strength coach, and power lifting coach with students reaching national level. He also offers private/co-private training sessions for clients and specialized group training for sports teams, bridal bootcamps, ninja obstacle course training along with a variety of other training needs. His clientele ranges from elite youth athletes to the older adult population and everyone in between. If you have a goal he will get you there!

Josh has participated and excelled in ice hockey, tennis, karate, weight training, power lifting at the world level (holding state records in bench press and dead lift), and other sports on a very competitive level and understands the training disciplines and intricacies of athletic training.

If you are serious about your training tell Josh you are ready to work hard!