Group Fitness Instructor

As a married father of three girls, Jeremey was like many other parents whose time was consumed with raising their family. He suddenly found himself in his mid-30s and not paying very much attention to his personal health. After an eye-opening routine physical, he realized that he needed to change his sedentary lifestyle to improve his health. For the past decade, he has gotten off of the couch, learned about proper nutrition and used multiple fitness disciplines to improve his quality of life for himself and his family. After realizing the benefits of mental and physical fitness in his own life, he has been helping others with the knowledge he has gained to achieve their individual fitness goals.

Always looking for a new challenge, he enters many obstacle course races around the country each year like Spartan Races, Tough Mudders and Savage Races. Since these races range anywhere from 5k to marathon distances across all terrain types with many obstacles along the way, they require a high capacity for cardio, strength and endurance. These races inspire him to improve his fitness level to complete more each year and improve his times.

When you attend one of Jeremey’s classes you’ll be using a combination of running, climbing, carrying and lifting while making it a fun & unique experience every time. No matter where you are in your fitness journey there are modifiers for every skill level to keep the whole class involved and help you improve. He hopes to show you that at any age you can still feel like a kid and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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