DianaACE Certified Personal Trainer

Diana Fisbeck is an ACE certified personal trainer that motivates and guides her clients with a genuineness that quickly makes you feel as if you are working out with a friend. Being a mother of two college age sons, she understands the demands and time restraints that many face while incorporating a fitness routine into their already packed schedule.  Diana’s  practical information that she gives to her clients helps build  healthy lifestyles that can be incorporated into everyday life.

Diana co-owned Fitwize for Kids for three years, helping children (6-15) make better food choices and teaching the importance of an active lifestyle.  She guided them through the basics of beginning strength training and conditioning that will be a life skill they can always refer to.  She also was a co-owner of an adult bootcamp for five years and has helped all fitness levels enjoy the satisfaction of completing an intense workout while enjoying the camaraderie of the group.  Always a positive and energetic person, she is a fierce motivator in helping her clients reach their next level of fitness.